Hello Everyone,

There really aren't enough words to express how thankful I am for everything that has been done for us the past few weeks. Taylor and I have received cards, food, money, gas cards, gift cards, flowers, and so much more. You will truly never know how helpful this has been to our family. The love and support from friends, family, and even complete strangers is what keeps us holding on everyday. I would like to give a special thanks to Jan Spinnler. Every time I return home from the hospital in the evening, there's a dinner waiting. I feel like a little kid waiting for some sort of surprise every time I open up the refrigerator! Sometimes it's just her little notes she leaves that reminds me that God will take care of everything.

Zach will live to tell about his miraculous recovery and to tell people that he was truly one of God's great miracles. Until then, we just await the day that he wakes up, which will nevertheless, be the happiest day of my life. The continued prayers, love, and support is something that I will be forever grateful for. Maybe Zach's stubbornness will work in his favor for this recovery. Once again, I just want to thank every single one of you for supporting my family during this time of need."