[May 29th, 2008] 12:25pm
One year ago this weekend, Zach was brutally assaulted and robbed around 11:45 p.m. on Friday, June 1 and sent to Johns Hopkins as a "John Doe." I kissed Zach and our dog, Mia, goodbye a year ago tonight as I headed off for a girls weekend in Chicago. Little did I know that weekend would be the beginning of hell on earth.

When I didn't hear from Zach on Saturday morning, I started to get worried. His cell phone went straight to voicemail. But I tried to stay calm. Maybe he'd gone to the movies and turned off his phone. By that afternoon, I was sick to my stomach and frantic. I called every hospital in the city asking for Zach Sowers or an unidentified white male, 20-30 years old. No one had Zach in their care. I later found out that hospitals who have an assault victim cannot disclose this information in case the attackers come to the hospital to cause more harm. So, I had no idea where Zach was. I continued to call more friends and even called Central Booking in case Zach had been arrested for some bewildering reason. Nothing. My friends and I kept hoping against all odds that Zach would call and say that he'd lost his cell phone and had taken a spontaneous trip to Philly or DC. We waited, hoped and prayed. Again, nothing. Finally, my friends and I boarded the next flight back to Baltimore, which was also the last flight of the evening.

On that hour long flight back, we all knew Zach could very well be dead. But we never mentioned it. Instead, we devised a search mission to go up and down every alley in Canton. We'd solicit all our friends and be armed with flashlights and cell phones since it was now 10 p.m. on Saturday night. But we landed and immediately heard that Zach was found. He was at Johns Hopkins in critical condition. Critical condition sounded pretty scary to me but my friend, Brenda, reminded me that meant Zach was alive. Then it clicked. Zach was found and alive. He was at Hopkins, the best hospital ever. He'd be OK. We went straight from BWI to Hopkins, where I was greeted by about 20 friends and family members, all anxiously waiting to see Zach. And so began the tragedy that will forever shape our family, friends, me and everyone that knows our story.

To honor Zach this weekend, I am asking that everyone who reads this do something kind and/or out of the ordinary. Call up that old friend you haven't talked to in a while, pay for the person behind you at the toll, let someone else have that amazing parking spot. Donate to the Zach Sowers Brain Trauma Research Fund :) Anything. Just do something, as the Teacher and 21 Students posted, that will "spread kindness and love to others with the hopes that will help bring about a more peaceful community in the world [we] live in." Thank you Teacher and 21 students for your coin collection. Your posting and donation touched my heart.

And also, say a little prayer for Zach and our family and friends who will need that extra love to get through this weekend and the coming years ahead.
[May 26th, 2008] 10:50pm
If you haven’t read the article, “Through a Glass, Darkly” in The Urbanite, read it now.

It’s a lengthy article about Zach and crime in Baltimore. I could barely finish the entire article because it meticulously details the beating and the entire night night.

I’m doing OK. Thank you all for your concern. Being "OK" is always my generic answer whenever anyone asks but I don’t know what else to say. And even if I’m not doing OK at that moment, I know I will be. I’m a stronger and tougher person than I ever knew I cold be and I know Zach is watching over me now, guiding me every step of the way.

I"m sorry to announce that the fundraiser at Pazo on Sunday, June 8 has been postponed. I hope everyone can still make it once the new date is set. Sorry for any inconvenience. There was just too much going on these past few months and planning the event took a backseat to everything else.

But the great news is that the Zach Sowers Brain Trauma Research Fund at Johns Hopkins has officially been set up!! The fund will provide money for laboratory and clinical research of brain trauma as well as continuing education for medical/nursing staff. So, please help Zach’s name live on by contributing because the fund can only exist in Zach’s name as long as there is money in the fund. You can write a check to “Johns Hopkins Medicine” but please make sure you write anywhere on the check that it’s for the Zach Sowers Brain Trauma Research Fund or the money could be directed elsewhere. Send the check to:

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
600 N. Wolfe Street, Meyer 8-140
Baltimore, MD 21287
Attn: Dr. Marek Mirski

Thank you so much!
[April 14th, 2008] 11:15pm
For anyone wondering if the four guys who participated in the attack against Zach can now be charged with murder since Zach has passed, the answer is “NO.” This was part of the plea agreement, and this is partly why I was so frustrated with the case. Yet Zach's death has now been added to Baltimore City's murder rate for 2008.

This city scares me to death. If I could, I would move away tomorrow. That is the truth. But I have responsibilities and moving tomorrow isn't an option. At least not yet.

I truly don't feel safe anywhere. If anything, it feels like Baltimore is becoming more dangerous, regardless of what the statistics show.

Many of you have probably already heard about the recent crime incidents in Canton. They include a mugging on the corner of 800 S. Streeper St. near Fait at 8 p.m. on Monday night 4/7. The young lady threw her purse and the thugs still hit her in her face. She was lucky enough to have another neighbor help her, and she’s okay after being treated at the hospital.

The Shell gas station on Luzerne & Fleet was robbed Tuesday morning 4/8 around 8-ish. Another incident happened around Eastern and East, where an elderly woman was mugged. I'm no politician, but whatever plan Sheila Dixon and crew has in place to protect the citizens of Baltimore doesn't seem to be working, at least not in my eyes.

So does Baltimore City equal Murder and Crime or does it equal Charm City? The answer is quite clear for me. It's hard to "believe" in Baltimore when all you hear about is friends getting robbed, beaten or murdered while minding their own business. It’s hard to “believe” in Baltimore when you fear for your own life because you have to walk a few blocks to your house at 10 p.m. because there were no closer parking spots.

I’m just an average girl, now turned widow, but it seems evident that the person in charge of this city needs to do more. And that person is Sheila Dixon…. WHAT’S THE PLAN?

Anyway, Major Bergeron of the SE Police District will be holding a meeting regarding the current issues in Canton at the SED roll call room on Tuesday, April 15, at 7 p.m. Anyone interested in attending will have a chance to talk with the police about issues in their community. The address is 5710 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore 21224 (410-396-2422). Parking is available behind the building. Enter through the rear of the building. Upon entry, turn left directly to the roll call room.

Also, my friend Kendall Ludwig made a banner for the Urban Forest Project in Zach's honor. It's now up on Harford Rd, near 33rd street. She wants people to know that her banner was only made because of Zach, her inspiration to get the word out about the murder rate in this city. http://bmore-urbanforestproject.org/banners/ludwig-kendall.php

*** On a lighter note, I want to thank the band 3 Fifths for hosting a benefit concert this past Saturday in honor of Zach. Some of the guys associated with 3 Fifths were college friends of Zach. Great guys. Thank you SO much.

And I'd Iike to thank everyone for the cards, donations, flowers, etc. throughout this whole experience. I will never have the time to write that many thank you cards so I hope thanking you on Zach's site is enough. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

The amount of support I have felt from everyone is helping me get through each day.

Also, I am still working with Pazo and Hopkins on the June 8 fundraiser for the new Zach Sowers Brain Trauma Research Fund at Johns Hopkins. I am also trying to get myself back up for making Zach's Law a reality. Wish me luck on everything.
[April 7th, 2008] 10:40am
Here is a message from my good friend Adam Herson (also known as the human megaphone in some circles):

"This Saturday, April 12 the band 3 Fifths will be hosting a benefit concert in honor of our friend Zach Sowers. 100% of all gate receipts will go to Anna to help with medical bills and other miscellaneous expenses. Any additional donations will be collected and held at the gate, and are very much appreciated.

The show will take place at the 8x10 Club at 10 East Cross Street in Federal Hill. The 8x10 is located directly next to the Cross Street Market with a secured parking garage located just two blocks away.

Doors open at 8pm, with half price drinks being served until 9:30. The Meathooks will open the show at approximately 9:30. More information can be found at the 3 Fifth's website at www.myspace.com/3fifths and/or www.the8x10.com.

Many thanks for your continued support. Hope to see you at the show this Saturday."

--Adam Herson

[April 3rd, 2008] 3:00pm
[March 31st, 2008] 4:30pm
Sonar in downtown Baltimore (407 E. Saratoga St) has graciously reserved the lounge area to friend, family & supporters for Zach Sowers on Wednesday April 2nd from 7pm to close. They are providing turntables which will be manned by some of Zach’s closest DJing friends.

This is not a fundraising event, but simply a celebration for Zach’s life by enjoying everything he loved: Anna, music, and a good drink/micro beer. If you have been touched by Zach’s life in some way, especially over the past 10 months, please join us Wednesday at Sonar for a night of fun, friendship & celebration. Come by to say hello to Anna, even if you've never met either of them…you’re well wishes and prayers meant more than you know. We hope to see you there!

[March 26th, 2008] 1:30pm
Dear Friends and Family,

It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that my close and wonderful friend, Zach Sowers, passed away yesterday, Tuesday, March 25, after a long and steady decline. Anna called me today to tell me that he passed away peacefully around 10 p.m. last night. Zach is now at peace after a long and treacherous battle. He was so strong and fought until the very end but it provides comfort for us all to know that he is now in heaven, watching over his friends and family.

Anna has told me that she and the family are doing as well as can be. They have a strong network of friends and family supporting them and ask that their privacy be respected during this difficult time.

Memorial services will be held in Frederick, MD on Thursday, March 27, 2-4pm and 6-7pm, at Stauffer Funeral Homes.

Stauffer Funeral Homes
1621 Opposumtown Pike
Frederick, MD 21702

Funeral services are planned for Saturday, March 29 at Wellman Funeral Home in Circleville, OH, which is where Zach was born and raised for 8 years.

Wellman Funeral Home
1455 N. Court Street
Circleville, Ohio 43113
(614) 474-7523

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that contributions be sent to the Zach Sowers Support Fund, which will be used for The Zach Sowers Brain Trauma Research Fund at Johns Hopkins and/or continuing legislative efforts for Zach's Law. Contributions can be mailed to

Frederick County Bank
30 West Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Contact Person: Lori Cromwell at Frederick County Bank

Because this is a very private and difficult time for all of us, I'm asking everyone to please respect the privacy and desire for seclusion for Zach & Anna's family and friends at this time.

We miss you Zach.

-- Justin