[August 1st, 2008] 3:40pm
The petition is ready: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/burnsmustgo

Please sign it and let everyone you know sign it. Email it to friends. Post on discussion forums. Just get people to sign it.

If you haven't listened to Page Croyder's, former Baltimore City SAO employee, interview with Ed Norris, you seriously have to listen. Click http://www.fmtalk1057.com/pages/219796.php and then click "Former SAO employee Page Croyder" under Podcasts. It's unbelievable.

And if you want to hear my interview last week on The Ron Smith Show, where two listeners called in to state they weren't happy with the media attention Zach's case has received, listen here

And lastly, check out the Jessamy article in this month's Baltimore Magazine. A few things to note:

- "At roughly $225,000 a year, she's the second highest-paid city employee in Baltimore..."
It's disgusting that she makes $225,000 a year and that Margaret Burns makes about half that - all paid by you and me - city taxpayers

- "But Jessamy, a self-described perfectionist at the helm of an imperfect system, defends her record by emphasizing that everyone is entitled to justice—a line one might expect to hear more from a public defender."
Why the hell would the city's top prosecutor say something like that? I don't pay her to defend. I pay her to prosecute. That should be her #1 priority every single day that she walks into her large corner office.

-"Sowers could keep company with defense attorney Warren Brown, an African American who has made a career of defending those prosecuted by Jessamy's office. Brown says the city state's attorney's office has been weak on crime long before Jessamy arrived."
Even a top defense attorney has publicly stated that Jessamy's office is not tough enough on crime.

- "After two years as state's attorney, Jessamy began formally promoting to city officials what she calls her "three-pronged" approach to fighting crime. "
She is STILL talking about that ineffective three-pronged approach that she came up with 11 years ago. Has she thought of nothing else since? At a SE community relations meeting last year, I asked her about what her office was going to do differently in the coming years and she defensively started talking about her useless 3-pronged approach as if she'd won a noble prize for it.

-O'Malley makes a comment about her lack of effort to try the Sewell case and Thelma T. Daley, then-president of the city chapter of the Coalition of 100 Black Women, comes to Jessamy's defense and says. "Mrs. Jessamy was on the receiving end of it. We knew her record, her credibility, her integrity, and we also thought it would break down the barriers for women in general."
So Jessamy knows what it's like to have her credibility and integrity attacked by an elected official and doesn't even care that Burns attacked me and Zach's family. Wow, what a respectable lady she is.

-"When it comes to the media, Patricia Jessamy has a very thin skin. In fact, the only news coverage she seems to approve of is stories that focus entirely on her civil rights days."
Maybe if Burns weren't lying all the time and if Jessamy would prosecute more, she'd have stories to approve of. Just a thought.

"When Jessamy wants to escape the rigors of her job, she and her husband, Howard, travel down to a little house they keep a few blocks from the shores of Virginia Beach."
How nice. Jessamy gets to escape Baltimore City, filled with all the criminals she lets back out, to her second home near Virgina Beach. Hmmm, must be nice. I can barely afford to pay my BGE bill while she flies down to her beach house.

-" 'I felt like they were trying to destroy me,' she says of the media and the endless barrage of criticism. 'I was a woman and I was black and I think some people didn't want to acknowledge that I was getting things done.'"
What is she getting done?! I wanted to work with her office and look what she did to me? She lied and attacked me.

"While Jessamy has considered running for mayor, she says she now thinks fighting crime is more important. "I am happy now where I am," she says. "I love this job and I think I am good at it. And if I don't do it, who will?"
What a joke. What she does barely constitutes as crime fighting. Lets hope someone decent runs against her in 2010.
[July 29th, 2008] 10:59am
If you didn't listen to Page Croyder's interview on the Ed Norris show yesterday, you MUST listen to it now and tell everyone you know to listen to it.

click "Former SAO employee Page Croyder" under Podcasts.

Croyder worked under Jessamy and has all the dirt on what a horrible person Margaret Burns is. Jessamy is just as horrible for being an ineffective "leader." Jessamy and Burns MUST GO!

Continue to contact the Mayor, City Council, Senators, Delegates, the national media - the pressure has to come from everywhere to get Burns out. Jessamy is elected so she can't be fired but remember to vote in 2010 so she's not re-elected.

And on a lighter note, I've been labeled the Noble of the Week by the Washington Times for my efforts this past year! Thanks everyone for supporting me.
[July 28th, 2008] 1:15am
Page Croyder, former Assistant State's Attorney who has all the inside skinny on Jessamy's office, will be on the Ed Norris show today at 4:30. Tune in to get the dirt!!

And check out this article where Judge Glynn calls M. Burns a LIAR!

You may already know that States Attorney Pat Jessamy released a totally lame statement saying that she will not make any statements related to the Zach Sowers case.

Jessamy’s press release:

“I continue to be focused on doing the job the citizens of Baltimore elected me to do. I have learned over the past several months anything I, or individuals in my office, say or do in reference to the Zach Sowers case will in all probability be misstated, misquoted, misrepresented, misinterpreted and/or misunderstood. Knowing this, I therefore decline to make any statement regarding past, current or future events related to this case."

Jessamy released the statement right after the rally on Thursday. These are her first public comments regarding her insensitive, lying spokeswoman, Margaret Burns, who was out of town for the rally. Both women are a disgrace to victims and poor representatives of our justice system.

As for the rally, it was great to meet more supporters. I delivered all the letters to Pat Jessamy’s office. I was lucky to even deliver them because I was originally told that I had to leave the courthouse. I asked on what grounds and was given an insufficient answer. Finally, after some debate, I was allowed to deliver the letters as long as a law enforcement agent escorted me. I never saw Jessamy. I left the letters with her assistant.

A great recap of the rally can be found on the MD Daily Record website.

I still can’t believe that our elected States’ Attorney - a public servant - can speak such lies and get away with it in Baltimore City. Where is the accountability?! Have either Burns or Jessamy or anyone in their families ever been a victim of crime? The answer must be NO for them to both make such horrific comments with no remorse.

For us to think that we will never see Zach again, not even for a minute, is devastating enough. And then to feel ambushed by SAO is just unfathomable. And then I found this article from Nov. 2007 about Jessamy and the Five Things She Has To Have and it made me so angry. It’s awful. She lists a bunch of materialistic things that she just has to have. The only one thing I want is my husband back. And if not my husband, at least justice. Now, I have neither.

But you can help Zach’s name live on when we lobby for Zach’s Law in Annapolis and you can donate to The Zach Sowers Brain Trauma Research Fund at Johns Hopkins (click “How Can I Help?” above). Please donate. It's tax exempt!

[July 23rd, 2008] 11:45pm
Today's the big day! Let's work together to make this city a better place. Let today be the day that we stop letting our elected officials take advantage of us. Come on guys, I can't do this alone! Come out and help me help this City!!!!!

What: Press Conference calling for the removal of Margaret Burns, spokeswoman for Patricia Jessamy, the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City. This event has been called due to State Attorney’s Office's refusal to publicly retract and publicly apologize for the damaging and false remarks about the Zach and Anna Sowers made by Burns in Exhibit A Magazine on May 28th. These remarks have caused undue pain and suffering for the victim’s family, and have put Anna Sowers’ legislative and fundraising efforts in jeopardy and have publicly damaged her credibility.

Who: Anna Sowers, widow of murdered Zach Sowers, as well as other members of the victim’s family and many other friends and supporters.

Anna’s speech will focus on how this case is an example of what is wrong with the criminal justice system here in Baltimore City, and how this city’s residents can work together to bring about positive change.

Where: Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. Courthouse (Median b/t both courthouses)
111 North Calvert St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

When: TODAY - Thursday, July 24, Noon

Burns and Jessamy are just waiting for the day that this all blows over, because they "know" it will. They're probably waiting for today to end so they can go back to making plea deal after plea deal and blaming everything else on Baltimore City Police Department.

They're waiting to go back to their normal lives, in world where the name "Sowers" isn't ever mentioned and everyone in this city has to "play nice" with Jessamy and Burns or nothing gets accomplished. In fact, I even tried to "play nice" with Jessamy. I met with her this past Spring to see how we could work together and she told me that she didn’t need any help at the moment but if either of us thinks of anything, we'll call other. And what happens? Months go by and then I hear that Marty Burns and Pat Jessamy (since Jessamy hasn't stated otherwise) have attacked me and stabbed me in the back!

They are hoping that this City goes back to not caring about anything and they can continue to take advantage of your tax dollars and your apathy. They are hoping for the next big story that pushes this one aside. For every case that goes through the SAO, I want you to think whether an office that blatantly lies to its public is really representing the victim.

They are hoping this all gets swept under the rug like every other scandal in this City. They want to strong-arm journalists since Burns is their main source and she loves to "leak" info to the media whenever it's convenient for their office. Read this very interesting article – scroll halfway down to “Feeding the Press.”

And of course, don't forget to contact Mayor Sheila Dixon at (410) 396-3835 or mayor@baltimorecity.gov. And contact your City Council representatives, senators and delegates by clicking http://mdelect.net/
[July 21st, 2008] 11:50am
The rally on Sunday was great!! I met a bunch of supporters and unfortunately, other victims of crime too that want to see a change in this city. I finally had a face to the name for many of the posters on Zach's website. It was so great to meet everyone. I know that it was hot, humid, and early so thank you for coming and supporting. You guys are the reason I'm still in Baltimore - the community. And together, from all parts of Baltimore, we can work together to see this change happen. Do not forget about the insensitivity and incompetence of Patricia Jessamy and Margaret Burns in 2010 when you vote for a new State's Attorney. Please register to vote!!

OK, on to phase II - a press conference at noon, in between Mitchell Courthouse East and West this Thursday! I want to personally deliver all the letters that you've written to Margaret Burns and Patricia Jessamy (no hate mail, no profanity, no threats) so if you have a letter that you've written, please email it to zachsowers@yahoo.com. I'll print them out and deliver them on Thursday. And we are putting together a petition for you to sign to ask that Jessamy Fire Burns!

If you couldn't come on Sunday (and even if you did), you can still help by spreading the word about the Press Conference this Thursday, noon, Mitchell Courthouse (111 N. Calvert Street) AND by contacting other elected officials. Contact them and remind them about Zach, remind them about the comments made by Burns and ask them point blank if they agree that Jessamy should fire Burns. Councilman Jim Kraft (District 1) has already come out to support and just recently, Councilman Ed Reisinger (District 10) came out to support the firing of Burns as well. You can find all city councilmembers' contact info here and most importantly, don't forget to contact Mayor Sheila Dixon at (410) 396-3835 or mayor@baltimorecity.gov

Media coverage on the rally: Please, please share the info about Thursday's Press Conference at noon, Mitchell Courthouse and continue pressuring our elected officials. Contact your senator and delegates too!

And just imagine if you were me and the rest of Zach's family. Imagine having to go to the hospital and identify your loved one b/c he came into the hospital as a "John Doe." Imagine wondering if he would live until tomorrow morning. Imagine going home at night and knowing that your husband is only a few blocks away from you in a hospital bed, fighting for his life. Then imagine going to court and not feeling justice. But worst of all, imagine the State's Attorney's Office coming out months after your husband has passed away and saying he wasn't hurt that badly, could have had a pre-existing condition, benignly fell, and then attacking you for not having an autopsy and calling you a liar, when all you've tried to do is help other victims and raise money for a brain trauma research fund. Imagine calling the State's Attorney's Office to ask for an explanation but only getting 1 return phone call after many contact attempts. And instead of an immediate return phone call, you get a letter that is far from an apology. You call the SAO again and finally get a return phone call. You politely ask for a public retraction and apology but they will do no such thing. The SAO is an organization that is supposed to HELP victims not ATTACK them. God forbid this happens to you. But it's happened to me, and Margaret Burns and Pat Jessamy need to go! Burns can go now and Jessamy can go in 2010 when we all go out and vote.

Of course I think about Zach every second of every day but just wanted to remind you guys of what a great person he was.

[July 17th, 2008] 1:25am
The details have been finalized! We will have a public gathering this Sunday, July 20 at 9 am next to the Farmers' Market under the JFX. I know 9 am is early after a fun Saturday night out with friends but please come so I'm not standing there by myself feeling lonely!! My friends and I will be at the Saratoga Street entrance. Info about the Farmers Market can be found at http://www.bop.org/index.cfm?page=events&id=3. If you don't know where you're going, just find directions to 407 East Saratoga St. There is plenty of parking around the area so no worries there. The event will be held rain or shine since we'll be covered by the bridge.

Please come and show your support! I would love to see the support that came out for Neighbors' Night Out! You will truly make a difference by coming, and my friends and I will tell you how you can make even more of a difference. Bring your friends and/or family and lets all work together to change Baltimore for the better. You can meet me and all the other supporters. Bring a video camera to document, please. And if you come, you can multi-task by getting some grocery shopping out of the way by visiting the Farmers' Market, which has amazing, locally produced items to please everyone's taste buds.

And in the meantime, please continue to contact your city council representatives. The only council member to offer his/her support and agree that Margaret Burns should be dismissed is Jim Kraft, who represents my district. Go, Jim Kraft!! So, please, continue to contact your city council person, tell them what you think, and ask them if they agree that Jessamy should fire Burns. Seriously, it's important that you do this! It's simple question with two simple answer choices - "Yes" or "No."

And don't forget, I'll be on the Ed Norris show today around 3 pm. And I just got word that Jim Kraft will be on the Ron Smith show at 4 pm discussing his support in the firing of Margaret Burns! And I'll be on around 4:35 promoting the event on Sunday.

As always, keep checking back here for more updates as there will be many in the coming days.

And of course, thank you!
[July 16th, 2008] 1:55am
There is tons of support out there for all of us who want Jessamy to fire Burns. And remember, we don't want her fired just because she made inaccurate comments regarding Zach's medical condition (that was just the beginning of the crisis that Burns' put herself in). She needs to be fired because she has blatantly refused to issue a public apology and more importantly, a public retraction - both of which are very much needed so that I can effectively continue with my activism efforts. Burns' comments will make it more difficult for me to lobby for Zach's law in Annapolis next year. Burns' comments will make it harder for me to ask people to donate their hard earned money to Zach's Brain Trauma Research Fund. Burns has ruined my credibility and her refusal to apologize and retract leave me no choice but to ask that she be removed as Chief of Communications & Government Affairs for the SAO.

And people are talking about this! Check out the media coverage if you missed any of it.

- Baltimore Sun
- WMAR coverage Tuesday night
- Examiner
- Ron Smith interview Monday afternoon
- Anna Sowers - And the 20 Strikes of Racism on Ron Smith
- Daily Record
- Tom Marr
- Interview with Dr. Mirski and myself on WBFF (no link provided yet)

And I'll be on the Ed Norris show at 3 pm on Thursday.

With all of this support and media coverage, how can we not have a press release to demand that Jessamy Fire Burns. Thus, I ask you to PLEASE join me this Sunday, July 20 at 9 a.m. for a press conference. I will provide the location of this event later today on Zach's website so please check back often. But save the date and time. Sunday, July 20 at 9 am.

Come out and support me, Zach's Law, Zach's Brain Trauma Research Fund, and everything else related to Zach!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!