[June 5th, 2007] 11:30am
Wow, I can't believe all the comments and love that Zach and his family are getting. Keep 'em coming! If you would like to send me any digital pictures to post, contact me via the online contact form.

Zach now has some good music to listen to while he's recovering (thanks to Bobby), and a lot of pictures to see when he wakes up that his family put together. When I saw him he was listening to Sarah McLahlan which Anna assured me he likes, but all bets say he will adamantly deny. :) Anything is better than the beeping in the room and I'm sure he's enjoying listening to music which is a big part of his life.

Yesterday Zach got an EEG to check for seizure activity and it came back with negative results (which means no seizure activity). He's still being sedated but is looking much better every day. It's still very early, and although it seems like time is at a standstill, there is much hope and optimism from the doctors and nurses.

Detectives were at Anna and Zach's house yesterday for over an hour talking with the family about the progress of their investigation. They are taking this very personally and are working diligently to find the person(s) responsible. They think it was just one person who attacked him and hopefully will catch this SOB. 10 min after robbing Zach his credit card was used at a near by McDonalds with newly updated surveillance equipment. I trust these detectives are doing everything they can to find this monster.

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive.
[June 4th, 2007] 3:30pm
The doctor told Anna that after looking at more details of the MRI there were a few very small tears in the center of the brain. Although this doesn't sound good he urges everyone not to focus too much on this as it's just a snapshot in time of what's going on as he heals. The doctors are keeping him sedated so all of his energy is focused on healing damaged brain tissue. They said the first week of good vital signs is the most important for a successful recovery, which so far has been the case.

The nurses and doctors all feel confident that he is in there and will come out of his coma with a little time. The doctors also said they have seen patients in much worse circumstances (whiplash from a car accident which creates a much worse tear) that have recovered from their injuries, which gives a lot of hope for Zach -- especially because he's young and in very good health. Since he was admitted, his cranial pressure has dropped from 20, to 12, and today is down to 3. His swelling in his face has also gotten much better.

Anna and family have been talking to him and helping him regain consciousness. Friends have been in and out and it's great for Zach to hear their voices. Anna also talks to Zach about everyone who has called or wrote her to let him know that his friends are all thinking of him and hoping and praying for him to wake up and have a fast recovery.
[June 3rd, 2007] 9:30pm

If you haven't already heard, Zach Sowers was assaulted and robbed while walking alone on Friday June 1st around 1AM night near his house in Baltimore and suffered serious head injuries. He was rushed to John's Hopkins hospital in Baltimore and is receiving care from the one of the best head trauma hospitals in the US.

He is currently unconscious but in stable condition. Doctors say it may take days or even weeks for him to wake up, but are very hopeful as all his vital signs and numbers are very good, and he is breathing on his own. CAT scans on the night of his attack show there are two places of bleeding in his brain, and some slight swelling. There are no skull fractures and the rest of his body is in good condition with no internal bleeding, and there appears to be no need for surgery.

He's banged up pretty bad. His face and head are very swollen -- both eyes are swollen shut. His head has many open wounds from the horrific brutality of his assailants. Zach's mother Kim talked to detectives that assured her they are giving 110% to finding those responsible and have been working around the clock.

I just spoke with Anna (9:30pm) and she asked that I update everyone. Doctors just got finished with an MRI to check for deeper brain bleeding and preliminary images show no other bleeding, which is amazing news. They will know more tomorrow once all images are loaded and they can examine them in more detail but the initial results are good.

Please check back here for updates on Zach's progress.